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Department of Developmental Biology
  • A Drosophila larva stained for nerves, muscles, and synapses

  • Neurons generated by converting the cell fate of human skin fibroblasts.

  • GFAP expressing astrocytes differentiated from neural stem cells

Research News

  • Dr. Andrew Yoo’s New Publication

    Generation of human striatal neurons by microRNA-dependent direct conversion of fibroblasts. Victor MB, Richner M, Hermanstyne TO, Ransdell JL, Sobieski C, Deng PY, Klyachko VA,…

  • Dr. David Ornitz’s New Publication

    Characterization of the cell of origin and propagation potential of the fibroblast growth factor 9-induced mouse model of lung adenocarcinoma. Arai D, Hegab AE, Soejima…

  • Dr. Kerry Kornfeld’s New Publication

    A modular system of DNA enhancer elements mediates tissue-specific activation of transcription by high dietary zinc in C. elegans. Roh HC, Dimitrov I, Deshmukh K,…

  • Dr. Kelly Monk’s New Publication

    A Tethered Agonist within the Ectodomain Activates the Adhesion G Protein-Coupled Receptors GPR126 and GPR133. Liebscher I, Schön J, Petersen SC, Fischer L,…

  • Dr. Kristen Kroll’s New Publication

    The roles and regulation of Polycomb complexes in neural development. Corley M, Kroll KL. Cell Tissue Res. 2015 Jan;359(1):65-85.

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Upcoming Events

Mar 2

Hiroko Yano, PhD

Department of Developmental Biology Seminar Series (Monday)

Hope Center Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery 12:00 pm, Needleman…

Mar 4

Chao Qu (Mbalaviele Lab)/ Arshag Mooradian (J. Held Lab)

Development and Regenerative Biology / Cell-Cell Interactions in Cancer Research Forum (Wednesday)

12:00 pm, Needleman Library

Mar 5

Takuya Yagi

Developmental / Regenerative / Aging Journal Club

Aging Journal Club 11:00 am, Needleman Library

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Our Faculty

Welcome to the Department of Developmental Biology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis! The Developmental Biology Faculty employ a variety of model organisms and cell-based systems to answer key outstanding questions about…

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