DB Equipment

Equipment - Type (click each for more information)

Transilluminator (Gel Readers)
Ice Machines
Microscopy Equipment
Other Equipment

Disposition of Equipment


Whom to Contact:

  • Terry Gooch, Department Facilities Administrator, 314-362-2391 or tagooch@wustl.edu
  • Departmental Policy: “Disposition of Assets/Equipment” (Click here)

Note: For all repairs and maintenance BE PREPARED to give the building name, floor and room number for which you are calling.


Equipment Delivery


Hood Certification:

Ace Electric: (314.771.7272). Ace performs hood evaluation and electrical equipment repairs.


Machine Shop Website (click here)


Missing Packing Slip Form


In case of missing packing slip use form Manual Packing and Receiving Equipment

Equipment Purchasing Forms


Equipment costing > $25,000 use Supplier Selection Justification
Equipment costing $100,000 or more, use Equipment Screening Certificate

Whom to Contact for Information/Emergencies or WUSM Facilities Issues


  • Terry Gooch, Department Facilities Administrator
    314-362-2391 or tagooch@wustl.edu
  • After Hours:
    For Emergency issues only: outages, flooding, fire, chemical spills, etc., call: 314-362-Help or (314-362-4357)

  • Non Emergency: Please come to the Administrative Offices, 3901 South Building, or call or email Connie Austin who will submit a work order to WUMS Facilities.


Connie Austin