Center of Regenerative Medicine


Advisory Board

Aaron Bobick  

Aaron Bobick PhD


Dean and James M. McKelvey Professor


School of Engineering and Applied Science, Washington University in St. Louis



John DiPersio  

John DiPersio MD, PhD


Professor of Oncology, Pediatrics, and Pathology and Immunology


Washington University in St. Louis



William Murphy  

William Murphy PhD


Harvey D. Spangler Professor Co-Director, Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center


University of Wisconsin, Madison



Guillermo Oliver  

Guillermo Oliver PhD


Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology


Northwestern University



Anneliese Schaefer  

Anneliese Schaefer JD, PhD


Professor of Neurology
Hope Center Executive Director
Director, Office of Neuroscience Research


Washington University in St. Louis