Center of Regenerative Medicine


Human Cells, Tissues, and Organoids Core (hCTO)

Affiliated Core

The services provided by the hCTO Core facility include:

  • Tissue culture hood rental, with and without staff assistance
  • Quality controlled hESC lines
  • Feeder cells and discounted hESC-certified tissue culture reagents
  • Generation of embryoid bodies, tissues, and organoids
  • Training and implementation of established and novel culture and differentiation protocols
  • Assistance with obtaining IRB and ESCRO approvals
  • Pluripotent Stem Cell training courses ('Introduction to hESC Culture' and 'Advanced Techniques in hESC Culture and Differentiation')

The hCTO Core is an ICTS-approved core for Just-In-Time Funding. To learn more about the program and to become a member of the ICTS, visit the ICTS webpage.