Washington University in St. Louis - School of Medicine
Department of Developmental Biology


Connie Austin

Administrative Coordinator
(314) 362-7054

Connie Haynes

Sr. Department Accounting Asst.
(314) 362-7052

Toni Hill

Assistant to the Chair
(314) 362-0198

Kati Riebold

Administrative Coordinator
(314) 747-5523

Lise Westfall

Pre-Clinical Business Manager
(314) 362-7057


Connie Cooper

Research Administrator
(314) 747-0626

Kaye Sansoni

Assistant Business Manager
(314) 362-7853

Information Systems & Helpdesk

Philippe Breton

Systems Manager
(314) 747-2968

Support Personnel

Terry Gooch

Facilities Administrator
(314) 362-2391



Fly Food Maker
(314) 362-2391

Diane Pleasant

Glassware Washer
(314) 362-2546


Faculty News

  • Dr. Samantha Morris’s June 2017 Publication

    Engineering cell identity: establishing new gene regulatory and chromatin landscapes. Guo C, Morris SA. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 2017 Jun 28;46:50-57.

  • Dr. Doug Covey’s June 2017 Publication

    Photoaffinity labeling with cholesterol analogues precisely maps a cholesterol-binding site in voltage-dependent anion channel-1. Budelier MM, Cheng WWL, Bergdoll L, Chen ZW, Janetka JW, Abramson…

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