DNA Sequencing

When submitting PCR reactions, please click here to verify your primer sequence.

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Our DNA Sequencing service uses state of the art instrumentation and software to automatically sequence DNA molecules labeled with fluorescent dyes. Templates that can be sequenced successfully are plasmid DNA constructs (including siRNA constructs), cosmid and genomic DNA, BAC DNA and PCR products.

Our custom DNA sequencing service includes cycle-sequencing PCR using your template DNA and custom primers (we provide standard sequencing primers at no extra charge), excess dye terminator removal and sequence analysis. Alternatively, you may run the cycle-sequencing reactions and submit the clean extension products for sequence analysis.

For a complete copy of the Nucleic Acid Chemistry Laboratory Automated DNA Sequencing Manual, please click here for a .pdf Adobe Acrobat Reader document.

Sequencing Premix

For your convenience, premix is available from the ABI PCR Access freezer on the 3rd floor of the North Building (at PNACL) and also from our remote freezer on the 5th floor of the McDonnell Pediatric Research Building. The premix is available as 20-reaction aliquots at a cost of $150.00 per aliquot.

Alternatively, you can purchase ABI sequencing premix kits through the PNACL ABI PCR access freezer program. The prices for kits ordered through the freezer program are subject to change depending on the Washington University contract with ABI.

Fragment Size Analysis

The Nucleic Acid Chemistry Laboratory also provides DNA Fragment Length Analysis that can be used to determine the presence of insertions or deletions in gene fragments. This is a particularly useful application for CRISPR/Cas9 gene targeting* as well as other methodologies that would benefit from fragment length analysis.

*Varshney et al. High Throughput gene targeting and phenotyping in zebrafish using CRISPR/Cas9, Genome Research (2015) Jul;25(7):1030-42.

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DNA Sequencing

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