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The Elvie L. Taylor Histology Core Facility provides full technical services for histology and morphological investigations.


This facility supports experimental biology throughout the Washington University research community. The core is staffed by two experienced, board-certified histotechnicians (Bill Coleman and Marlene Scott). The primary mission of this core is to provide services designed to create slides from tissues for analysis. The source of tissue can be virtually any model experimental system (mice, zebrafish, etc).  Human tissue samples will be accepted only in one of two ways: 1) in cassettes for processing and paraffin embedding and 2) fixed frozen in OCT for frozen sections. For expert users, the facility provides services to paraffin embed and section fixed material. The facility can stain the resulting slides to the specifications of the user. Routine histochemical dyes (e.g., H+E, alcian-blue) are available, as well as additional specialty stains. Unstained slides can be ordered.  Frozen sections from OCT embedded material can also be produced by this facility. For less experienced users, the core will provide assistance on handling tissue for optimal processing (these questions are welcomed!).

To access the Histology core web site, click here.

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