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Department of Developmental Biology Microscopy Core

The Department of Developmental Biology’s Microscopy Core has a Laser Microdissection Microscope available to the faculty in the department and across the university.  The microscope was purchased August 2010, and the laser unit has recently been replaced to a new one.

Overview:  Laser microdissection (LMD) is an automated sample preparation technique that enables isolation of specific cells from a mixed population under microscopic visualization. This technique of isolating a pure sample from a heterogeneous mixture allows for more efficient and accurate results with downstream microgenomics applications such as RNA sequencing, quantitative RT-PCR, and proteomics.

The LMD technique can be used to isolate just a few cells or even a single cell from tissue samples. LMD is precise and targeted. LMD allows one to obtain answers in a single cell that may otherwise have been missed in a whole tissue scrape that contains a heterogeneous mixture of healthy, stromal and cancer cells.

Equipment:   Leica Microdissection System (Leica LMD7000)

Component Parts include: Laser Capture Microscope with Hitachi HVD20 Camera, Laser CTR6500, Mercury Bulb, Control box for the Laser LMD7000, Computer, Touch Screen Monitor and Regular Monitor Screen

• Time on the Leica Microdissection System: $25/hour. 
• Training on the Leica Microdissection System: $25/hour

CONTACT: Cindy Brace (Imai lab); (314) 747-1031;  Anybody who would like to use this LMD system has to take a training session by Cindy before using the system.


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