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Department of Developmental Biology


DNA Sequencing, 3833 North Building (314-362-0282)

The DNA Sequencing Laboratory was established in 1984 and is administered by the Department of Developmental Biology. It is located in Room 3833 North Building.

DNA Sequence Analysis is performed with Applied Biosystems 3730 Sequencers, and we provide PCR sequencing reactions, as well as sequencing of ready to run samples. The laboratory also provides Big Dye at substantial savings for those who wish to do their own reactions.

Data can be retrieved electronically or Electropherograms can be provided as printed copy.

We offer personal assistance with solving problems, data optimization, and current protocols.

24-hour turnaround for samples received by 10:00 a.m.

Two sample drop-off locations (3833 North Building & 5th floor McDonnell Pediatric Research Building)

To access the PNACL website, click here.

The results of the analysis are not intended to be used for clinical purposes or diagnosis.

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