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The main goal of Department of Developmental Biology's Zebrafish Consortium (DBFC) is to promote zebrafish research.

Created in February 2010, the DBFC offers excellent networking opportunities and peer support for active zebrafish laboratories.

DBFC currently includes the following labs:
Lila Solnica Krezel, Ph.D., WUSM
Stephen Johnson, Ph.D., WUSM
Kelly Monk, Ph.D., WUSM

If you lab is interested in joining the DBFC, please send an email to Lila Solnica-Krezel at Washington University School of Medicine  at

Tiny tropical fish are helping scientists understand human development and disease, from birth defects and cancer to muscle and nerve disorders.

Contributing to this effort, Washington University is now home to one of the largest zebrafish facilities in the world.  And with robotic feeding and cleaning systems, it is the world's mose modern.  Dr. Lilianna Solnica-Krezel, PhD, professor and head of developmental biology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis leads the facility.   The facility will allow investigators to do large-scale, collaborative projects that would not be possible for individual investigators.

A common type of minnow, the zebrafish is popular in both scientific research and home aquariums.  Zebrafish embyros are transparent and develop outside the body, making them useful for observing growth and development.

With almost 7,000 tanks, including 2,000-tank nursery, the facility will allow scientist to perform experiments requiring tens of thousands of fish.  The robotic nature of the feeding process will allow large numbers of fish to grow quickly.

The facility also has the capabilities for obtaining, viewing and manipulating fish embryos.


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